Carl Weathers, renowned for Rocky and Predator, passes at 76.

Iconic as Apollo Creed in Rocky, he played a key role in the franchise's success.

Former NFL linebacker, he transitioned to Hollywood, leaving an indelible mark.

Rocky (1976) brought unexpected success, winning an Oscar for Best Picture.

Weathers contributed to three Rocky sequels alongside Sylvester Stallone.

Memorable roles include Colonel Al Dillon in Predator and Chubbs Peterson in Happy Gilmore.

Recent acclaim for The Mandalorian earned him an Emmy nomination.

Sylvester Stallone acknowledges Weathers's vital role in Rocky's success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hails Weathers as a "legend," fondly recalling Predator moments.

Survived by two sons, Carl Weathers leaves a lasting legacy in film and TV.